Clinton's Roll of Honor
Honor Your "Everyday" Heroes
We all have a certain someone (or several someones) who has made a difference in our lives. Perhaps your someones did or said something at just the right time; or perhaps by simply being themselves they showed you how to become the best you could be.

Perhaps your someone is a cherished member of your family; or maybe a dear friend who has stood by you through your good and bad days. Perhaps your someone is an inspiring Clinton school teacher or coach. Or maybe you didnít know your hero very well personally, but the individual made a contribution to the quality of life in Clinton, our very special town that you want to honor. And perhaps you are fortunate to have several someones who have made a difference in your life in a number of ways.

Clinton's Roll of Honor Book is an opportunity to honor extraordinary "everyday" heroes who live in your heart. You can sponsor as many heroes as you wish.